The journey of Linkers India began in 1980 when it started doing job work for drilling companies which was a challenging task of rebuilding the rock roller drill bits used in open cast mining project of coal industries in India.


After rendering exceptional performance of the rebuilt drill bits and with years of research, Linkers India took a leap by setting up its own drill bit manufacturing plant with its own design and development efforts.


Linkers India is a drill bit manufacturing company engaged in the  manufacturing of roller cone drill bits, PDC drill bits and mining components.  In addition to domestic customers, Linkers India has international customer in countries like USA, Canada, France, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, etc.


Linkers India is situated in Asansol, 230km from Kolkata, West Bengal which has international seaport and airport facilitating prompt shipping of consignments to many countries in the world.

  • Mission

    Time, energy and economy are the key factors in drilling performance. Linkers India manufactures world class, high performance drill bits which improves the productivity, reduces the risks and lowers the cost of production for drilling operations.

  • Vision

    Linkers India is destined to be the leading drill bits manufacturers in the world and will create customers for life with its reliable, high quality products and services. Linkers India will render services to its customers to provide the best drill bit for the application to continuously improve drilling performance.

  • Quality Policy

    We at Linkers India affirm that customer satisfaction in all aspects continues product improvement and commitment to maintain high quality standards are our motto for design manufacturing and sale of rock bits. Along with product quality we will strive to increase productivity and control costs.

  • Health, Safety, and Environment

    Linkers India is a responsible organization committed to the protection of people, the environment and company resources while supplying products and services in a sustainable manner. We minimize our environmental footprint, which includes conserving resources, such as energy and water, reducing waste and spills and increasing recycling.

  • Teamwork

    Linkers India recruits qualified employees who can add value to the organization and work together to achieve company's goals. The employees play a leading role in the development of our technology, and mentor the technical talent. These exceptional individuals have earned the esteem of their colleagues and the respect of management for their indispensable wisdom and hard work.

  • Learning

    With a state-of-art training centre, Linkers India keeps its employees up to date with the latest trends in manufacturing and drilling technology. Presentations on product development and issue resolution is very useful to gauge its strength and weakness. Linkers India also has a CNC training facility where interested candidates are trained.

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